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Japanese Imperial Orchid Facial

Japanese facial massage sometimes called Kobido translates to “the ancient way of beauty.” it is a unique massage tradition designed to rejuvenate the skin on the face, and dates back to 1472. Emulating a manual facelift, Japanese facial massage significantly improves skin ton, increases blood circulation to the face, restores skin at the cellular level and enhances natural beauty.

flower facialThis treatment finishes off with a hydrating Beauty Mask made from exquisite orchid flower and 100% pure essential oils. The Beauty Masque is a premium beauty product that harnesses the orchid’s exceptional longevity features and combines it with the health-promoting benefits of essential oils and other natural botanicals. This spa-quality formula pampers and soothes the face to leave it feeling visibly more radiant, while also protecting skin from damaging environmental elements.

50 minute $75

30minute ad on $50