Foaming Peptide Cleanser


Foaming Peptide Cleanser has been enhanced with probiotics! Same great formula – more benefits! A therapeutic, all-natural probiotic milk cleanser for all skin types, Rhonda Allison’s enhanced Foaming Peptide Cleanser gives skin a deep cleanse while balancing yeast and bacteria.

Yogurt Extract is widely recognized for its health benefits to skin due to its high content of vitamins, calcium, minerals, growth factors (which stimulate collagen production) and probiotics (“friendly” bacteria that help fight disease while balancing yeast and bacteria).


  • Amaranth Protein – A natural foaming peptide
  • Yogurt Extract– balances yeast and bacteria, stimulates collagen production, provides valuable skin nutrition
  • Goat Milk – A natural skin rejuvenator and moisturizer
  • Magnesium Hydroxide (Milk of Magnesia)– Used for the treatment of bacteria prone skin (such as yeast issues, acne, or rosacea). Offers support for sensitive/rosacea skin by neutralizing the acid on the skin
  • Marshmallow Root Extract – Contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and skin lightening properties
  • Cucumber Oil and Fruit Extract – Improves circulation, moisture-binding and tightening properties, soothes and nourishes

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1 oz, 4 oz