Clarisonic Brush

About eight months ago, my instructor was raving about how great Clarisonic is and I had to check it out for myself.

Clarisonic Benefits

·It gently clears pores without harsh abrasion or chemicals

·Cleansing is so effective that skin care products absorb better. Tests show that there was 61 percent better absorption of vitamin C after use

·Clarisonic removes six times more makeup than manual cleansing

·Bristles move over 300 times per second

Clarisonic Mia Prima Waterproof Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush to Minimize Pores and Remove Makeup, For Oily, Dry and Sensitive Skin

Clarisonic Review

After using it I have only good things to say. I could definitely tell it’s able to clean much more effectively than just using your hands. The gentle bristles stimulate blood circulation and give your face a mini massage. Also because it cleanses so well you won’t have to use up so much cleanser. It takes a minute to do its magic and then you are good to go. Another great benefit to this device is that it holds its battery life for a long time and it is completely waterproof. It can easily be added to your shower routine, and is great for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time or energy on a face routine.

The brush can be switched out depending on if you need a brush that is more or less gentle. You can also purchase a body brush that works well. They come in many colors and a few different speeds. Prices range from $120 to $225. I bought the mid-grade model called the Clarisonic Classic for $195 and have been really happy with it.

The Real Clarisonic Brush

Clarisonic was developed by the lead inventor of the Sonicare toothbrush. The company motto is you wouldn’t clean your teeth with your hands, why would you your face?

There are some knockoffs out there like the Olay ProX but don’t be fooled. Although the ProX is much cheaper you get what you pay for and these two brushes don’t compare at all. The Clarisonic’s bristles move back and forth faster than the eye can see, getting into your pores to clean them out. The ProX bristles just move in a circle on the surface of your skin. Also the bristles themselves are much better quality in the Clarisonic.

Overall, the Clarisonic is a great brush that is made by a good company. The brush comes with a 3-year warranty and will improve your skin’s look and feel. Don’t wait, check it out for yourself.

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