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img1A specialty treatment using a mixture of both Swedish and deep tissue massage. Deeper pressure is used to work sore and achy muscles, lighter touch to sooth and lull the body into a deep relaxation. An option of heated stones are applied to the body to bring about balance. The stones are soothing and the temperatures penetrate deeply into the muscles to allow tension to melt away.

The heated stones bring oxygenated blood to the area of application, increasing lymph flow and metabolism.

Massage aids in detoxification and an excellent immunity system booster.

1 hour   $130
90 min  $175

I have had the pleasure of experiencing a massage  and Raindrop therapy with Marguerite and found both of these sessions highly therapeutic and relaxing.  I highly recommend anyone needing to release the stress of your daily life to invest in either one or both of these therapies. You will not be disappointed.

Chris Lombardo

Absolutely the best hot stone I have ever had.  You think you know what relaxation is until you experience it.  Marguerite is a healer.  Additionally, you must try the Raindrop technique where she incorporates essential oils.  
Marguerite is also very knowledgeable on skin health.  She can assess what is needed and customize a facial that works perfectly for you.  The facial includes a wonderful hand and foot massage.  Love her!!!

Joanna O.

This is Patrick in the wheelchair.  Just wanted to thank you again for getting me in for an appt today.  My legs and back feel great.  Thanks again