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Colloidal Silver: Miracle remedy or not?

Uses and Benefits of Colloidal Silver I first heard of colloidal silver while going through esthetics school. Used in toner for benefiting all skin types, colloidal silver has many germ fighting properties. It’s often used to help heal acne-prone skin or skin suffering from burns or abrasions. After using the toner for some time, I […]

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Permanent Makeup review

Over the past few years I have gone in and had some permanent makeup done on myself. I wanted to share my experience with those who may be thinking about this option. I’ve had my top eyeliner and eyebrows done on separate occasions by two different artists. When I was 18 I had my eyebrows […]

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Shellac vs. Gel Polish

The days of chipped nail polish are long gone with the invention of shellac and gel polish, but between the two do you really know the difference? Until I attended a CND Shellac International show, I didn’t. After hearing about the differences, I know that the next time I get my nails done, I’ll be […]

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