The importance of toner

Toner is one of those products that often get left out of a person’s personal care regimen. They usually don’t have any fragrance or color and it may seem like you’re just wiping your face with water, so what’s the big deal?

Why is toner important?

The most important purpose of toner is that it will restore the natural PH balance of your skin. Your skin’s natural PH balance is between 4.5 and 5.5. Often, cleansers and even water getting on the face can disturb that balance. When your PH is out of range, the body cannot fight off bacteria and viruses as effectively, which can lead to illness and infection. Toner ensures that the complex eco-system of your skin is kept in order so the skin can properly function.

Toner also acts like a second cleanse. It swipes away any dirt or makeup that your initial cleansing may have missed. It also wipes away residue that may have been left by the cleanser itself.

Best facial toner

toner rosacea

Toners can be very simple, with just one or two ingredients, while others are more complex. A favorite toner of mine is Hylunia’s Healing Rose water Mist with Calendula.  Maintain an effortless youthful look with Hylunia’s luxurious Rose Water Mist that is created from the natural extract of roses and is especially formulated to hydrate and calm sensitive skin. This potent toner’s antiseptic properties minimizes inflammation, keeps the skin hydrated and promotes healing. Suitable for all skin types, specifically for dry, mature, or rosacea skin types.


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