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Shellac vs. Gel Polish

The days of chipped nail polish are long gone with the invention of shellac and gel polish, but between the two do you really know the difference? Until I attended a CND Shellac International show, I didn’t. After hearing about the differences, I know that the next time I get my nails done, I’ll be […]

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Body Scrubs DIY

Body scrubs are a wonderful and easy way to exfoliate your skin and leave it feeling softer and looking healthier. As we age, our skin does not naturally turn over as fast. The skin builds up over time and can look dull and rough. This is why we need to use body scrubs to help […]

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Turn back the hands of time

Most women spend money trying to keep up their appearance. Some much more than others. Regardless of the money spent, we all care at least a little bit. Many products focus on making the face look younger and more beautiful, but what many women are lacking in their beauty regimen is proper hand care. Hands […]

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