Turn back the hands of time

Most women spend money trying to keep up their appearance. Some much more than others. Regardless of the money spent, we all care at least a little bit. Many products focus on making the face look younger and more beautiful, but what many women are lacking in their beauty regimen is proper hand care.

Hands can be a dead give away of somebody’s age. I remember when I was young I was introduced to a women who had had plenty of plastic surgery on her face, which looked pretty good. Her hair was dyed and she also wore a lot of makeup. I thought she looked to be in her mid to late 30s, but then I saw her hands…

As soon as I saw them, I couldn’t stop looking at them. They just didn’t fit with the rest of her body image; they were wrinkled and covered with age spots. They looked like my 70-year-old grandma’s hands. Being a little girl at the time, seeing this actually scared me. It was so off-putting to me I still haven’t forgotten it to this day. That’s how I know just how important proper hand care is. They can truly make or break your look. And your hands are not something you can hide. No matter how hard you try, eventually they are going to be seen. So take good care of them.

Whenever I start pampering my hands, I always get comments from men on how nice my hands feel and look.  At first it seemed kind of weird to get compliments on my hands, but a man likes a woman who looks great from head to toe, and hands are no exception. So, remember to moisturize.

Hand care Tips: How to have beautiful hands

Buy a nice, thick moisturizer just for your hands and put it on daily.  You should especially be moisturizing before you go to bed. Some people moisturize before bed and then put white cotton gloves on when sleeping. This does work well and will make your hands feel extra soft.

It’s important to keep your hands clean, but most of the name brand soaps dry them out. Not to mention that putting them under hot and cold water can take a toll on them as well. Look for a soap with moisturizing qualities that doesn’t contain a lot of alcohols. I recommend glycerin soap with shea butter or aloe vera added.

Depending on how serious you want to get with your beauty routine, you may want to think about wearing gloves for household chores. Our hands often take a pretty good beating when we clean. Gloves act like a buffer and help protect us from getting scraped or bruised.

Speaking of protection, don’t forget to put sunblock on the tops of your hands in the morning. Hands get hit with a lot of UV rays and doing this one step will help a lot just on its own.

If you go to get facials or manicures, ask if you can add on a hand treatment. Most salons offer this service for just a small additional price.  Hands need exfoliation, too, so don’t forget about them. Monthly manicures are important; you can’t have beautiful hands without nice cuticles and nails.  If you can have a professional do it, that’s best—but there are plenty of quality at-home kits. For those who have the time and energy, this is a lovely thing to do for yourself. 

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