Crystal Structures and Healing Properties

crystal healing

Ever since I was a child I have collected crystals. One of my favorite gifts to receive was a beautiful stone or crystal of some sort. I still love giving and receiving crystals and beautiful jewelry adorned with these precious stones.

More than these stones just being beautiful, they hold a certain energy about them. Celebrities and especially royalty lavish themselves in them because crystals and stones can unlock powers within. These stones have many other abilities, such as purifying a room or boosting low self-esteem.

Crystal Healing abilities

According to Michael Harner, author of The Way of the Shaman, quartz crystal is considered to be the strongest power object in aboriginal cultures. Research scientist Marcel Vogel claims that quartz is capable of amplifying and directing natural healing energies.

Today many electronic devices use a slice of quartz crystal to create an oscillator, a device that creates a very precise electrical signal. Crystals are recognized in both the science and metaphysical communites as a very important object. These crystals respond to a wide range of energies: heat, light, pressure, sound, electricity, gamma rays, microwaves, bioelectricity, and even consciousness.

Varieties of Quartz

Rock Crystal










Quartz is characterized by the lowest state of entropy possible, thus quartz is the most orderly structure in nature. Quartz contains a very precise orderly lattice of atoms of SiO2 or silicon dioxide.

There are Seven Crystal Structures

Trigonal—energizing, balancing

Cubic—stabilizing, grounding

Hexagonal—vitality, healing

Tetragonal—transmutes energy

Ortho-Rhombic—cleanser and cleaner

Monoclinic—clarifies, clears

Triclinic—balances yin/yang

Amorphous—freedom conductor

Diamonds have cubic structures, they are grounding and stabilizing, this makes them the perfect stone to offer in marriage. Opal, on the other hand, is amorphous (without a clearly formed shape) and helps create freedom and growth.

When I am doing body work, I lay crystals on and around my clients. Since starting this practice, my clients relax much deeper and the energy and atmosphere in the room is much more peaceful and pure.

Make the investment in a few nice crystals. They truly are a treasure of Mother Nature. A beautiful crystal is timeless and classic.


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