Easy to forget cleaning tips

Trying your best to keep things clean is essential in proper beauty and skin care. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook some very simple procedures that will help keep your environment and yourself sanitary. These tips are especially important to those suffering with acne.

First things first, sanitize your hands. Before you go to touch your skin, make sure they are clean! If you are washing them, make sure the water is nice and warm and the soap gets frothy. If you are using hand sanitizer, make sure to rub it in all the way until it is dry. This way you kill the most bacteria and pathogens. Especially those with acne need to be careful. A blemish is considered a small infection and can be spread by the fingers, so make sure to keep them as clean as possible.

Make sure to keep your makeup brushes cleansed too. This is easy to forget about, but they can get really dirty without some washing out every once in awhile. They are easy to clean with just soap and warm water. Also, many makeup companies sell brush cleanser. I recommend cleaning your brushes at least once a week.

When you clean your brushes make sure water doesn’t go down into the metal casing. This can mess with the glue and ruin your brush. Once they have been washed dry them off with a towel and leave them out to finish drying.

Another item easily forgotten but that touches your face daily is your pillowcase. It’s important to clean your pillowcase regularly, especially for people with oily faces. Pillowcases collect dead skin particles, oil, leftover makeup and plenty of other dirt you don’t want on our face. So wash them regularly.

I hope these tips help you improve your beauty regime.


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