Novalash pros and cons

About eight months ago I started wearing Novalash eyelash extensions. I have always had problems with mascaras and tried permanent makeup but just hadn’t been satisfied with my results. I and saw how nice Novalashes looked on celebrities, so I decided to try them out. Getting them on took about two hours for the full set. This depends on how many lashes you have, mine were pretty full. The procedure itself was pretty relaxing; there were even times I fell asleep. When the beautician was finished putting them on me, I thought they were great. They felt so natural and looked amazing. Of course, that has a lot to do with her work. You must find a competent person to glue then on, otherwise they look bad.

After having them on for close to a year I started to wonder about how my natural eyelashes were doing. I talked to a girl who claimed Novalashes ruined her eyelashes. It was true her eyelashes were very short and somewhat thin. After talking to her, I decided it would be best to let them grow out.

Novalash eyelash extension potential risks

Now all the Novalashes have fallen out and my new eyelashes are growing in. They seem to be perfectly healthy. Novalashes can damage your eyelashes if you pull on them, if applied incorrectly or if an infection occur — but barring any of those difficulties, I would say they are perfectly safe.

Novalash eyelash extension upkeep

Novalashes are fairly expensive to keep up; I spent about $90 every six weeks to keep them looking nice. You can find less expensive ones, but you better make sure that person knows what she is doing. Make sure the beautician has sample before-and-after pictures. Other than the normal fill every five to seven weeks, they are very low maintenance. I would occasionally brush them, and that’s about it. I use all different kinds of products on my face and have never had a problem with them coming unglued. Occasionally, they felt a little itchy, but this was minor and never lasted long.

I would recommend Novalashes to anyone. They are great for special occasions or everyday use. They are fun, feminine and sexy. It’s great being able to wake up in the morning and look glamorous with long beautiful lashes. Now you can have amazing eyelashes and you never have to worry about messy mascara again.

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