Skin Brightening during the summer

Summer time is often challenging on the skin. The summer air can leave the skin dry and dehydrated, the UV rays also damage the DNA and cause the skin to age more rapidly. This can leave the skin pigmented and freckled with brown spots. Sometimes referred to as age spots, many people get them as they get older, especially here in Scottsdale, Az. The desert climate is the perfect disaster to cause many peoples skin to pigment as soon as they arrive here.

The dry air dehydrates the skin and makes the skin cell weakened to fighting off UV radiation. UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin causing most of the damage we associate with the aging of our skin. Brown spots, wrinkles, sagging of the skin are all signs of UVA damage. UVB rays don’t penetrate the skin as deeply but burn the more superficial layers and also cause lots of inflammation.

Although these things cannot be avoided completely there are things that can help your skin here in Scottsdale, Az and all other desert like regions.

  1. Keep your skin protected. It’s important to stay in the shade as much as possible especially during those peak hot sunny hours. Just do your best, it’s impossible to avoid it completely but make decisions wisely about wearing a hat when necessary or taking it easy inside until the sun mellows out.
  2. Wear your sunblock, sun protection does make a huge difference in your anti aging routine. Especially when it comes to treating pigmentation and brown spots. Without using SPF treating the skins hyper-pigmentation will achieve minimal results at best. Often the products used to treat will require SPF to be used to protect the skin while the brightening process takes place. Many dermatologist say sun protection is the number one anti aging product. Here’s a link to my all time favorite sunblock. 
  3. IMAGE Skincare Prevention+ Daily Hydrating Moisturizer SPF 30+, 3.2 Oz

Recently a new client came into Scottsdale Skin Rejuvenation interested in brightening her skin. She was Asian and said her skin was always flawless until she moved to Scottsdale. After that she developed big dark brown spots on her cheeks and around her eyes. Even her husband was concerned and came in with her looking for a remedy. They had bought expensive Estee Lauder serum for lightening but it hadn’t worked. She was resistant to try sun protection at first. But I explained to her about how this environment causes the skin to create melanin to try and protect your skin from all the UV damage its receiving. With three simple products a cleanser, moisturizer and SPF we were able to lift almost all her pigment before she left for Asia. She became a number one fan of Image Prevention Daily hydrating moisturizer SPF 30 Sun protection cream. Also one of my favorites as well. Before leaving for Asia she stocked up to make sure she didn’t run out while away.

  1. Exfoliate and Moisturize – exfoliate your skin in the shower with a scrub or a loofah. Giving it a good scrub. This helps exfoliate all the dead dry skin and tells the body to keep creating new skin cells. Hydrating the skin after helps nourish all the newly exposed skin and makes it really glow.
  2. IMAGE Skincare Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque, 2 Oz

I’ve given a back facial primarily consisting of exfoliating and hydrating the skin and seen the skin brighten up and freckles and spots disappear within one treatment! And it feels great. Try our back facial if age spots, scars or acne is a problem on your back.

Another good exfoliating skincare treatment is dermaplaning. A painless procedure, dermaplane treatment uses a sharp tool to scrape off the outer epidermis layers of skin, it also cuts any of the peach hairs off as well. these two things alone significantly brighten up the skin. Here at Scottsdale Skin Rejuvenation we also layer on a light layer of specially formulated acids that help lighten the skin and suppress melanin production.

Doing these things will make a big difference if you are working on lightening pigment, sun damage and age spots. Stay tuned on more for best ingredients to watch for when choosing a brightening product.

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