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Hylunia Wellness Spa Review

Recently I got the opportunity to visit the Hylunia Wellness Spa in Costa Mesa CA. Ever since becoming a fan of Hylunia, using their products as a student esthetician I have wanted to check out their spa. Finally I have and overall I had a very lovely experience. Starting with, booking my appointment over the […]

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Ayruvedic Doshas and how they relate to the skin

Vata Skincare Vata is the Ayruvedic name for the universal force that causes dryness and coldness. So skin that is thin, dehydrated and shrinks in cold weather needs warmth, nourishment, and moisture. Recommended essential oils: Lavender, Ylang Ylang Pitta Skincare Pitta is the Ayruvedic name for the force that causes heat, acidity and irritation so […]

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