Hylunia Wellness Spa Review

Recently I got the opportunity to visit the Hylunia Wellness Spa in Costa Mesa CA. Ever since becoming a fan of Hylunia, using their products as a student esthetician I have wanted to check out their spa. Finally I have and overall I had a very lovely experience.

Starting with, booking my appointment over the phone was easy. The receptionist was nice and not rushed, she took time to explain a few of the treatments to me and help me choose the one that fit my needs best.

When I arrived the building was quite nice, fountains and greenery gave a perfect spa like vibe. Inside the spa was very nice as well. Calm, peaceful, I felt like I was the only customer in the building. It was a Thursday morning at 10am so I very well may have been the only customer there at that time. I enjoyed that feeling, I had the relaxation room and locker room to myself.

The facility was very nice and clean. Everything seemed in place. I enjoyed trying some of the Hylunia mouthwash and lotion they had in the bathroom

Before my treatment started I was escorted to a relaxation room, where I was instructed to breath. There was a headset with a virtual reality type of video on it. This I have to say was the most awkward part of the treatment. The headset had glitches and did not start up easily. Once on it was heavy on my face and instead of relaxing me, it started to give me motion sickness. I appreciate Hylunia Spa for trying something new and innovative but this virtual reality headset was a big miss for me.

It was no big deal though, I took the headset off and relaxed. The room itself was very peaceful with a pretty ocean scene projected onto the wall and comfortable chairs to lay back in. After about fifteen minutes I was taken back for my treatment.

I had booked a Tropical Mango Body Wrap which is 60mins for $130. The website description reads.

If you want to treat your lovely body to the ultimate indulgence, this is the right one for you. This pleasure journey begins with a glass of Mango juice and a virtual journey to the tropical paradise of Bali, and ends with an Anti-Oxidant mask containing plant stem cells, green tea, chrysanthemum, pomegranate, noni, calendula, oats, mango, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and an Australian Aboriginal herb that is 4000 times more powerful than aspirin in anti-inflammatory properties.

As we walked back to the treatment room the hall was dimly lit with very pretty twinkle lights on the ceiling. This gave the appearance of a beautiful night lit sky. The room I was taken into was very dark, the only light was candle light and it felt like a cave. It was very warm from infra red heaters going. The temperature felt nice to me, standing there in nothing but a throw away thong and bra. I felt bad for my therapist who had to work in the heat. I laid down on a towel covering a black slab of stone. The table was quite hard at first but the nice sensations did over ride any discomfort I was feeling from the table. Eventually Jenny my therapist did come to tell me the table is an Indian tradition. I tried to look it up but couldn’t find what this stone was. Jenny used scrubby gloves to start off this treatment and to start to exfoliate away and dead skin. The old dry skin inhibits the products from working as well so it’s nice she did this step with the gloves. Once she started to apply the mango body wrap the aroma smelled so nice I was instantly relaxed. The mixture felt nice and cool on my skin but also had a light enzymatic tingle as well. Jenny wrapped me up and left me alone for about 25 minutes. She checked on me once to make sure I was doing okay. The dark room made it really easy to close my eyes and relax.

After Jenny returned she instructed me over to a shower inside the treatment room. I rinsed off my mango body wrap. The shower was nice, I love a good shower, lots of warm water and good pressure. After I was all cleaned off I laid back down on a cleaned table. Jenny came back and she finished the treatment with a mango antioxidant moisturizing treatment applied all over my body. It was heaven, my skin was so nice and happy with me after all this. What seems like a big indulgence really does have such great results. Everyone should try a wrap at some point in their life.

The treatment finished with a cup of mango juice which was very replenishing after the treatment and a cup of tea. I chose the cinnamon one. I enjoyed the relaxation room again and got to sip on my tea before getting dressed for home.

I feel like I got the true spa experience here at the Hylunia Wellness Spa. The price was so fair and facility was great, I wish we had a spa like this in Scottsdale. I’d really love to plan a trip here with a partner for a couples treatment one day. Can’t wait to go back, but until then I do have the Mango Healing and Restoring Cream they sell, and it reminds me of how nice that treatment was every time I use it.

Hylunia Hyaluronic Reconstructive Creme – Rapid Skin Repair

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