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Proper Hydration

Keeping hydrated is key to having lovely skin and overall good health. Follow these tips to keep your skin in the best shape possible. Drink Lots of Water Water is so important in not only maintaining beautiful skin but also overall good health. Water is your body’s principal component and makes up about 60 percent […]

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Turn back the hands of time

Most women spend money trying to keep up their appearance. Some much more than others. Regardless of the money spent, we all care at least a little bit. Many products focus on making the face look younger and more beautiful, but what many women are lacking in their beauty regimen is proper hand care. Hands […]

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Novalash pros and cons

About eight months ago I started wearing Novalash eyelash extensions. I have always had problems with mascaras and tried permanent makeup but just hadn’t been satisfied with my results. I and saw how nice Novalashes looked on celebrities, so I decided to try them out. Getting them on took about two hours for the full […]

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Easy to forget cleaning tips

Trying your best to keep things clean is essential in proper beauty and skin care. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook some very simple procedures that will help keep your environment and yourself sanitary. These tips are especially important to those suffering with acne. First things first, sanitize your hands. Before you go to touch your […]

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