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sleepingbeautytipsI think every woman has had that morning when she got up looked in the mirror and let’s just say what she saw was not the epitome of refreshed and rejuvenated. How can a face look so puffy and smooshed at the same time? No, this post is not about the next best skincare line, or how the technology of some expensive night cream works. This is simple, easy to comprehend and a straightforward approach to anti-aging.

After years of being an esthetician I finally got to experience the Save My Face pillow and I was surprised by what I found. Before trying this pillow I thought “a special pillow that reduces lines and wrinkles in your face? Right…” Truly I did not believe or take it seriously. I thought it sounded just like another marketing gimmick.  So recently at the Las Vegas Spa Show I got to try it out.

Original Save My Face Le Grand Pillow – Satin Champagne

Although I was skeptical, right away I thought it looked super adorable. They come in two sizes: la petite or le grand, and the fabric choices include cotton, satin, or silk. To be 100 percent honest, the pillow was incredibly comfortable and convenient. The small one can easily be thrown in a bag or taken on a plane with no hassle. The pillow simply works by decreasing the amount of lines created while sleeping. Especially side and stomach sleepers have to watch out for lines forming while asleep.

The average American spends about 6.5 hours sleeping, so you want to make sure your face isn’t being smooshed and holding an unattractive position during those hours. The shape of the pillow allows the face to turn to either side without creating lines and it truly works. The pillow is very comfortable, and not having your face smashed really makes for a better night’s sleep.

For personal use I would recommend the silk one. It’s nice and soft and luxurious. Or maybe you are more of a cotton person, but for estheticians and practitioners like myself, the satin makes a good option. It doesn’t get dirty as fast. It’s a little less expensive for the pillow cases and still feels soft and upscale. These pillows make excellent gifts for any lady, and guys really like the chocolate brown silk pillow in the large size. Originally I just bought the pillow for my treatment room, but soon after getting home with it I grew to love it. Now I’m ordering myself and my clients a bunch.

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