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Colloidal Silver: Miracle remedy or not?

Uses and Benefits of Colloidal Silver I first heard of colloidal silver while going through esthetics school. Used in toner for benefiting all skin types, colloidal silver has many germ fighting properties. It’s often used to help heal acne-prone skin or skin suffering from burns or abrasions. After using the toner for some time, I […]

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First Aid made easy with essential oils

Everyone should have at home a few essential oils on hand. Here is a small selection of oils to put in your first aid kit. All oils are wonderful, unique and special in their own way but these oils are very safe and very effective for everyday ailments perfect for your first aid kit. I […]

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Crystal Structures and Healing Properties

Ever since I was a child I have collected crystals. One of my favorite gifts to receive was a beautiful stone or crystal of some sort. I still love giving and receiving crystals and beautiful jewelry adorned with these precious stones. More than these stones just being beautiful, they hold a certain energy about them. […]

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Lemon Essential Oil—Your Secret Weapon to Optimum Health

Most likely sitting in your kitchen right now is the answer to a multitude of health problems ranging from tumors and immune disorders to poor memory. We have all tried them and they are readily available. Lemons (citrus limon) contain many nutrients that have an abundance of benefits to one’s health. Lemon essential oil contains […]

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